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Tags that work hard for pets and their owners …while giving back to local shelters.

Enhance the power of your pet licensing program with tags that look good and do good.

Easy Registration

Easy Registration

Our user-friendly software is the easiest way to license a pet. The step-by-step process helps ensure pet owners understand their selected license type and associated expiration date while offering a simple way to upload required documentation and verify its review status.

Intuitively linked profiles

Each tag is linked to that pet’s secure online profile. Pet owners may upload current photos of their pet and include important details so they are easily identifiable. The more information in a pet’s profile, the more helpful it will be in getting them home.

Pet Owner App

Our lost pet service that never sleeps

Our pets can’t imagine life without us. We can’t imagine that they could end up lost. Unfortunately, it happens. Our pets deserve a plan. With detailed specifics and a dedicated team available 24/7, HomeSafe™ is the vital resource pets deserve in order to make it back home quickly.

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