Software Solution

What it is

Our proprietary software is designed (and ever-evolving) to serve the unique and widely varying requirements of the pet licensing industry. DocuPet’s solution combines an easy-to-use front-end for pet owners wishing to register and renew online, with a comprehensive back-end platform for administrators including shelter staff, animal protection officers, and frontline government employees alike. With DocuPet, your team has access to your licensing and pet data in real-time, from any web-enabled device.


Why we made it

We work with dozens of partners running programs of varying sizes and parameters. The commonality between them all? Their previous licensing software (or lack there-of) was a total headache. We’ve spent years collecting detailed feedback and implementing solutions to return what we know to be the best software in the field. Our solution is truly an administrator wish-list come to life - modern, comprehensive, automated and user-friendly.

What's Included

Online licensing module and associated online accounts for pet owners

  • Options to register, log in or activate to access online pet owner accounts
  • Upload pet details including name, species, breed, spayed/neutered status, microchip number, rabies expiration date, veterinarian and more
  • Intelligent license selection and requirements fulfillment, including rabies vaccination documentation, based on provided parameters of your licensing program
  • Ability to enable temporary license statuses to provide the pet owner with a grace period to secure required documentation
  • Address validation to ensure pet owners obtain the correct license given their residence address
  • Ability to generate proof of license documents and update pet status if the pet has been transferred out of the community, rehomed or passed away
Enter pet details

Intuitive look up tool for administrators

  • Perform cross field searches
  • Easily view pet license and vaccination status
  • View pet photos and information uploaded by pet owners
  • View renewal reminder history and content, see what’s scheduled
  • View license and order history
  • View secondary contact information and utilize built-in duplicate account detection
Pet Owner Lookup

Ordering application to process license sales, late fees, citations, and replacement tags

  • Automated license and fee selection
  • Comprehensive tag and connector option selection
  • Optional donation field to support local animal care and control
  • Automated email confirmation and receipt generation

Permission level based access for team members

  • Segment users with view or edit level access
  • Allow module access to document review queue, financial reporting, performance reporting, and staff management

DocuPet’s secure software platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services and compliant with current data processing and storage standards.

Our software is accessible via any internet-enabled device and compatible with all of the latest browser versions. Accessing your data is quick, convenient, and secure.

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