Reporting and Finance Tools

What it is

Our built-in sales, finance, and performance reports are designed to provide our partners with the information they need to operate and optimize their pet licensing programs. With the click of a button, administrators can gain a comprehensive view and understanding of their program for any snapshot of time desired.


Why we made it

There are so many potential stakeholders involved in administering pet licensing and each of those stakeholders can benefit from detailed information and insights - if only they had it. Our integrated reports slice and dice information under three primary lenses: sales and revenue, vendor contribution, and overall program performance. By providing key members of your team with the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, affecting positive change is not only possible, it’s measurable.

What's Included

Sales Reports

  • View complete sales information by license type, payment method, and vendor
  • View total sales and revenue numbers
  • Click into any line items to see detailed sales information including order date, pet owner name, and order item details
  • Download, print, or export associated data
Sales Reports

Remittance Reports

  • See monthly revenue and sales collected by DocuPet
  • View a breakdown of any fees charged by DocuPet
  • Know what the check amount will say from DocuPet immediately at month end
Remittance Reports

Vendor Reports

  • View sales by vendor
  • Automatically account for any commission fees
  • See invoiceable amounts owing
Vendor Reports

License Performance Sales Reports

  • Compare daily license sales performance year over year
  • View new pet vs license renewal metrics
  • View new pet owner vs existing account metrics
  • Follow along with key metrics such as sales per day, number of renewed pets, and number of new pets and pet owners
License Performance Sales Reports

Renewal Performance Reports

  • View daily renewal breakdown of renewed, unrenewed and removed
  • Access our compliance rate heat map and easily detect trends in renewal behaviour
  • See renewal data relative to expiration dates
Renewal Performance Reports

DocuPet’s reporting features are permission based so you can choose who has access to which data sets, including vendor contacts.

Our real-time, automated and customizable approach to reporting will save your team time, and take the stress out of the dreaded month end.

Request a demo and we’ll take you on a tour that will get you buzzing about finance - who would have thought it possible!

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