Marketing Services

What it is

Every DocuPet partner launch includes a customized website experience and collateral designed to help your pet owners understand your community’s licensing policies and pricing, as well as the unique benefits offered to them when they become a DocuPet member. Our goal is to leverage our experience across 50+ communities in order to help our partners position and promote their licensing programs using three key themes: why licenses matter, the value they provide, and how DocuPet enhances the entire process from start to finish.


Why we made it

If you’re a shelter or part of a government organization you probably know how tough it can be to get IT’s time for a website update or copy change. Design and marketing resources for pet licensing are also likely in short supply which is why we’ve developed standard collateral to help our partners promote their DocuPet licensing programs. We strive to ensure we always have an assortment of digital and printed marketing material templates available for partner use and will even coordinate printing via our in-house fulfillment operation so you can save time coordinating with outside vendors.

What's Included

Customized website experience

  • Includes home page, dedicated licensing details page, Safe&Happy partner profile page and tag gallery
  • Includes co-branded elements
  • Centralized location for new and renewing registrants
Custom Website

Printed collateral templates

  • Reference templates available for postcards, discount cards, brochures, posters and more.

Digital marketing assets

  • Reference templates available for enewsletters, social media, website banners, digital ad imagery and more.
Digital Marketing Assets

Canvassing software

  • An integrated suite of tools specifically designed to facilitate canvassing programs.
  • Ability to cross-reference addresses that appear on an assigned route with real-time licensing data.
  • Program setup and support along with recommendations and best practices.

DocuPet’s designer tag collections are also key to incentivizing renewals and raising awareness about licensing in the communities we serve.

We offer special discounts and promotions on designer tags as well as referral codes that encourage users to renew and share.