Managed Services

What it is

Over the past seven years, our team has seen and done it all when it comes to pet licensing. Although not included in our standard offering, there are a plethora of additional managed services we may provide if requested. Typically these operations are often already performed by traditional pet licensing programs and as such we like to hop on a video call and do a bit of discovery on process and costs before we say “we got this!”

Why we made it

We understand that depending on the partner and the size and complexity of a program that your organization may need more or less of our help. We try and offer a one-size-fits-all solution whenever possible, but there are times when this certainly cannot be the case. As such we’ve developed a set list of additional services that in most cases encompass a lot of the “can you also help us with” requests we tend to get every day from existing and prospective partners.

What we can offer:

Printing and sending reminder letters

  • Includes daily printing, stuffing, and sending of reminder letter communication
  • Each letter is sent with a customized letter and insert addressed to the pet owner with details about their pet
  • Letter sending and returns are tracked automatically in the DocuPet system
Printing and Sending Reminders

Facilitating automatic reminder calls

  • Pre-recorded reminder messages are delivered to primary phone numbers on file for expiring and expired pet owner accounts
  • Options for pet owners to let us know about a pet passing or a recent move out of the areas
Reminder Calls

Individual record handing

  • Assisting customers with updates and renewals to their accounts via our customer care line
  • Hand keying new individual record submissions ex. Mailed in forms
  • Manually formatting data for upload into our system
Record Handling

Whether you want your licensing program to be hands on or hands off is up to you, but we’re here to help either way.

Get in touch with our partnerships team to chat about what services will serve you best.

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