Data Tools

What it is

Our data tools are used daily to import new pet licensing and rabies record information into our system. Designed to process a plethora of fields efficiently and accurately and with built-in duplicate detection, our upload tool allows our partner license databases to constantly adapt and expand to new inputs. Our team has years of experience processing veterinarian records from software like AVImark and EVet as well as shelter software datasets from Chameleon, Pet Point, and Shelter Buddy. We make it easy to keep all your licensing and rabies records in one accessible place.


Why we made it

Our data upload tool was designed and developed by the DocuPet team members that have spent years manually uploading hundreds of thousands of records into our system. We’ve seen it all in terms of data fields, formatting, and file types and used everything we learned about the complexities of the pet licensing space to develop the tools to simplify the data transfer process. We strive to make our partner’s data as accessible as possible, as we know from experience that we may need to provide a data dump at a moment’s notice.

What's Included

Data importing functionality

  • Import years of historic licensing data pre program launch
  • Easily merge multi-year and multi-pet records into one pet owner account
  • Combine pet and licensing data across two people using our handy secondary contact fields
  • Continue to provide bulk data sets for regular upload
Data Import

Data exports

  • Access robust data sets with up to the minute information
  • View complete information by pet owner, pet, license, or order
  • Options to receive regular reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Data Export

Intelligent address matching

  • Automatically associate pet owner address information with USPS/Canada Post approved address formats
  • Prevent out of jurisdiction licensing with our intelligent address validation system
Address Matching

Automated data clean up

  • Benefit from cleaner data presented in a consistent format
Data Clean Up

DocuPet’s data tools are constantly evolving to serve new use cases and become increasingly more intelligent and independent. Ultimately, it’s about making data as usable as possible to drive new insights.

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