Automated Reminder Communications

What it is

Our proven approach to reminder communications is critical to maintaining and growing compliance rates in the communities we partner with. You’re familiar with the adage that it's much more cost efficient to retain an existing customer rather than acquiring a new one, and the story doesn’t change when it comes to pet licenses. Our deliberate communications flow is delivered via email, phone, and letter over 60 to 75 days with as many as fifteen customized touchpoints to encourage and incentivize renewals.

Why we made it

A DocuPet staple - automated communications is one of the fundamental pillars we offer to our partners that saves them countless hours. Unsurprisingly, we’ve learned that people typically need more than one reminder to ensure something gets done, and renewing a pet license is no exception. After years of optimization and market research, we’ve streamlined our standard multi-channel communications flow and messaging strategy to achieve an average renewal rate of over 80%.

What's Included

Customized communications

  • Pet owner customization includes fields for pet owner name, pet name, city name, license type, license cost, and license expiration date
  • Features species specific imagery where applicable
Marketing Imagery

Automated email reminders

  • Scheduled and sent across as many as ten different email templates
  • Includes one click account access and activation
Automated Email Reminders

Automated call reminders

  • Scheduled and sent across three different automated call templates
  • Includes one button press to hear activation code or inform of a change in pet status
Call Reminders

Automated letter generation

  • Scheduled and packaged in bulk PDF files in a daily or weekly basis
  • Accessible for download via FTP or email
  • Just print, fold, stuff, and send!
Renewal Letters

DocuPet’s automated communications are automatically generated and deployed per pet until a time that the license is either renewed, or the account or pet status are updated.

A complete reminder history and schedule are viewable in every pet owner account so it’s easy to have those “I never received a reminder” conversations with confidence.

Visit our contact page to request a sample of our licensing materials and get up close and personal with our full suite of renewal communications.

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