Improving pet licensing for everyone


Since 2013, DocuPet has been helping communities across North America provide pet owners with an improved pet licensing experience while also reducing the pain points associated with administering these critical programs. Everything we do supports our larger mission of helping all pets find their safe and happy homes. We love working with like-minded organizations that share our mission.

Why are pet licenses so important?

We’ve boiled it down to two main reasons:

Tags on pets and up-to-date records are essential to reunification efforts.

If fewer pets end up in shelters, critical resources are reserved for the animals who need them the most. On-the-fly access to licensing records also means instant access to current rabies vaccination information.

Licensing fees provide much-needed funding to local communities.

Animal welfare organizations, as well as important community initiatives rely on the funds provided by pet licenses to support their programming.

Yet Average licensing compliance rates are just 23% for dog-only programs, and 13% for programs where cats are also required to be licensed.

This endemic, North America-wide problem, presents a significant opportunity to dramatically increase animal welfare funding.

DocuPet is the solution

Our unique approach to pet licensing is founded on delivering value to the pet owner in such a way that makes the act of licensing simple and rewarding, rather than confusing and arduous. When licensing no longer feels like a grudge purchase, your community will view your organization in a different, more positive light. They’ll see the amazing work your team is accomplishing and be much more likely to “hear you out” on why licensing is a requirement, and rightly so.

Your dream is our reality. Imagine an environment where licensing rates are increasing, pets are getting home, and your community is actively supporting your organization. Your gut reaction may be “more license sales would be great, but that will make our administrative headache bigger”

We often see that licensing programs are a real drain on an organization. Bad data, outdated systems, low tag stock, customer complaints, and a huge manual workload are commonly faced issues associated with running these programs. DocuPet streamlines and automates the administrative efforts involved: from online registration and scheduled email renewal communications to outsourced tag fulfillment and accessible data tools, DocuPet allows for smooth operations that are instantly more scalable, and well, easier.

Our solution has set the standard for licensing programs in over 150 communities so far, read on to learn more.

Key Services

Software Solution

Software Solution

A customized online registration experience for licensees with a secure backend system designed to make administration easy. Learn More

Data Tools

Data Tools

Our proprietary data upload tool makes it easy to keep records up to date and free of duplicates while retaining the level of access you need to make informed decisions. Learn More

Reporting Tools

Reporting and Finance Tools

Simple and functional to use, our reporting capabilities give you daily oversight and bigger picture insights to track program revenues and performance. Learn More

Renewal Communications

Automated Renewal Communications

Sequenced renewal communications via phone, email, and letter are generated automatically and sent by DocuPet as licenses expire with all the details pet owners need to (hopefully!) renew on time. Learn More

Marketing Materials

Pet Owner Facing Website and Marketing Materials

Optimized marketing campaigns and associated collateral that help you get the word out in the best way possible, including our optional proprietary canvassing software. Learn More

Pet Tags Order Fullfillment

Pet Tags and Order Fulfillment

We provide quality tags in every style imaginable to give pet owners the tags you want their pets wearing, in the designs they actually want their pets to wear. Free for you, awesome for them. Learn More

Administrator Support

Administrator Support

Everyone picks things up at a different pace so we provide a plethora of training resources to help every member of your team feel set up for success - including a human if you need one. Learn More

Customer Care

Available during extended business hours, our Customer Care Team supports pet owners via phone, email and online chat. Our modern, satisfaction-driven and detail oriented call center manages hundreds of pet owner questions every day so you don’t have to. Learn More

Who we work with

We’ve partnered with a variety of organizations across North America from humane societies and shelters, to animal control and city clerk’s offices with the goal of bringing innovation and simplicity to their pet licensing programs.

Ready for Change?

In the last decade, we’ve learned a lot about pet licensing programs. Perhaps what continues to surprise us most is how much programs can differ from one county to the next. Although we’ve built our solutions to accommodate a variety of policies and program nuances, in our experience, simpler is always better.

We’re always happy to chat about ways we can ensure your licensing program is set up for success.

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