The Battle Between a Rabies Certificate and a Pet License

“I have a rabies certificate. I don’t need a pet license!”

How many times have you heard this excuse in your community for residents not licensing their pets?

If applicable in your jusridiction, clearly communicating the message that ordinances require both a pet license and a rabies vaccination certificate can be difficult. A pet owner obtaining the rabies certificate is half the battle. The other is ensuring they register and license with their local agency. At DocuPet, we surveyed pet owners to understand the top reasons why they don’t register their pet, and discovered top reasons like:

  • A misunderstanding of ordinances,
  • They’re under the impression the license fee is simply a tax,
  • They don’t know the fees go back into local animal care and control,
  • They’re unaware a license provides protection to their own pet and all pets in the community.

So what is the story?

Whether a pet owner has recently moved to your community from out of state or they have moved from another county, many are not aware of the ordinances regarding rabies and licensing requirements in your jurisdiction. Animal control officers frequently hear the “I wasn’t aware of that law.” or “I don’t need a license, I have my rabies certificate!”, excuses when working out in the community.

Spreading the word about pet ownership responsibility is how DocuPet remains successful in increasing license compliance for its partners. Our team can provide a customized marketing outreach plan to bring community-wide awareness to pet owners in your jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, many pet owners believe this is a “tax grab” and refuse to pay a license fee after they have obtained a rabies certificate. “They have to catch me first!” and “Who cares about a late fee?” The risk of getting caught and receiving a citation is nominal in many communities. Licensing compliance varies in each jurisdiction and pet owners who aren’t licensed often feel like it really isn’t important or doesn’t apply to them. DocuPet can ease the administrative burden of enforcement by issuing and processing reminder letters, late fees, as well as citation letters for you, if necessary.

Pet owners are often surprised to know that the licensing fees are helping pets in need. The annual fee pet owners pay helps to keep the shelters operating and supports the work of their local animal control. By licensing their pet, they are helping to feed, and house stray animals found on the streets in their local community.

DocuPet is a social enterprise designed to bridge the gap between pet owners’ understanding of a license and how it supports your local animal care and control.

By increasing your license sales and expanding new opportunities for donation revenue, DocuPet connects more pet owners to the quality care you provide. For a pet owner, finding out your best friend has slipped out of his leash or out the front door, can be devastating. Frantically searching and putting up flyers is stressful on the entire family. If all the little guy has is a rabies certificate, but no license on his collar, it can be a long process getting him back home.

Making sure the pet has a tag and is wearing it at all times is vital to getting him reunited with his family. Pet owners are more likely to put an exciting and personalized designer tag on their dog. DocuPet has over 200 designer tags to fit any pet personality! With DocuPet’s HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service that comes free with every license, pet owners have 24/7 assurance that no matter where their pet is found, they will always be able to get home safe.

By partnering with DocuPet, Administrators can target these misconceptions in their community and win the battle of pet license compliance! Interested in learning more? Click the button below to request a demonstration and discovery session with our team.