Just 8 weeks needed to launch your new pet licensing program

In 8 to 10 short weeks, DocuPet can launch an entirely new and modernized pet licensing service for your community. In doing so, DocuPet aims to expand community awareness by reimagining the value of a pet license and the tag that accompanies it. All of this to improve the day to day lives of your administrators and immediately reduce your program costs, while  raising net revenues to support your local animal care and control.

The best part? Starting up with DocuPet is entirely free of charge!

So what does it take to make it all happen in just 8 weeks?

As a full-service social enterprise, DocuPet wants to ensure that the time and labor on your end to launch and provide these services is as minimal to your organization as possible. Once a partnership agreement is executed, you will meet our Partnership Support Team, which is dedicated to guiding you throughout the launch process. Through a weekly meeting and some minimal homework between meetings, DocuPet will get to know the inner workings of all things critical to your community.

Our Partnership Support Team is composed of representatives from our Operations, Marketing, Development, and Customer Service departments and each one will bring their list of priorities and projects to the table with research done in advance so each meeting is focused on receiving approvals and local insights. A critical component of these meetings is to establish relationships at a personal level that we will maintain through the life of our partnership together.

From your end, we will ask that your customer service lead, marketing lead and overall operations/IT lead join the meetings to share your processes and information particular to each person’s focus area. We will require simple things like your organization’s brand guide and FAQs so that our team can co-brand your new program materials and include local information that your community will connect with.

As we continue through the launch process, we will begin to demonstrate the systems that have been built and customized to your organization. Critically – DocuPet can support the process of communicating with pet owners by alerting them to the upcoming change and how they can conveniently make the jump to DocuPet. By the time implementation is done, your organization will have a plan presented that includes a schedule for all renewal/warning communications and a detailed marketing plan outlining our community awareness activities that we are to provide.

If you are interested in a more detailed idea for what it would take to bring DocuPet to your community, don’t hesitate to request a time for demonstration and discovery with us by clicking the button below. Throughout the discovery process, our Partnership Development Team will guide you through all services and financial aspects of a partnership with us and we are excited to get to work for you!