Do People Want Your Pet Tags?

If you are familiar with our 2020 Pet Licensing Research Report, you will know that people want to be informed about how their license impacts local animal care and control. But did you know that pet owners also have very specific things in mind when it comes to what they want in a pet tag too? Well over half of dog owning respondents to our report said that the look and design of the pet tag was at least moderately important in determining their likelihood of purchasing it.

So what do pet owners want on their tags?

Pet owners want their tags to be personalized to them. They feel drastically more confident in their own phone number being on a tag than the animal control hotline for example. Being able to identify a dog in public by name is also highly requested by both licensees and non-licensees.

And what if each of an address, microchip information, medical needs, and local animal care information were attached to a tag as well? You would quickly find a pet tag that is highly desirable and that people are interested in attaching to their pet and their license.

How do your current pet tags compare to what people want?

If you’re like most other pet licensing organizations, your tags may offer little in the way of personalization or design appeal. Without providing a tag option to consumers that they enjoy and desire, it can become quite difficult to inspire pet owners to actually keep their tags on their pets and think of them as anything more than simple identification.

The per unit cost of upgrading your pet tags is often pretty negligible. Pet licensing organizations should take the time and effort to expand their pet tag offerings to include choice for pet owners. This includes the option to personalize a tag with their own contact information or the choice of a fun and creative design that might even have some seasonal or local flare. If licensing can be reimagined with a more consumer driven focus, it is not hard to sell more licenses and raise more critical funds for local animal care and control.

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