All the ways DocuPet saves you money

As a social enterprise, DocuPet’s mission driven focus is to provide a full-service pet licensing program that not only grows your license sales, but also reduces your costs and saves you valuable time. Budgets are tightening and processes are strained right now – put DocuPet to work for you and eliminate the financial (and literal) headaches of administering your pet licensing program and save in all these ways:

Pet Tag Sourcing

With DocuPet, there’s no need for you to source and stock your license tags any longer. Our in-house marketing and design teams will work with you to update your tag design,process all orders, and handle the inventory, giving you more time to focus on the pets in your community.

Tag Fulfillment

Because DocuPet has fully centralized the tag sourcing procedure, we can quickly process and fulfill all of your license orders regardless of whether they occurred online, in person or through the mail. Our innovative fulfillment systems process all orders within a day and tags are shipped directly to the consumer within a week. Each tag order includes customized welcome materials on how to get the full benefit out of their pet’s tag. A flat fee is charged for every tag that DocuPet sends out the door – and with our permanent tags in place, you will save even more money over time, as pet owners don’t require a new tag annually with DocuPet.

Annual Renewal and Warning Letters

Sending annual license renewal reminders is a major administrative time drain for pet licensing organizations. Let us do the work for you. WIth DocuPet, our systems fully automate the renewal and warning communication process. A small flat fee is charged for every physical letter we ship, but as more pet owners license online and update their pet’s profiles, we are able to send more communications via email and phone calls – which are completely free of charge to our partners.

New Licensing Options

Can pet owners in your community currently license any way they want? DocuPet will provide the ability for pet owners to license everywhere: online, over the phone, through the mail, over the counter and through a local vendor. DocuPet’s cloud-based and secure online software means that the administrative exchange of data between all these avenues happens in real time and we even summarize all the activity for you every month. As more pet owners license online or through the mail to us, that’s less time spent by your staff handling in person or mailed in orders.

Customer Service

DocuPet will be your new primary contact for all customer service questions related to pet licensing in your community. This cannot go understated. DocuPet’s customer care agents are highly trained and responsive with local information so that all calls related to license sales, account setup, local licensing requirements and program benefits can be effectively communicated to your pet owners. Think of DocuPet as a triage for customer service questions – only in rare cases will a customer support case need to be referred to your team.

Lost Pet Activity

All pet owners who license with DocuPet, receive free access to our 24/7 lost pet service called HomeSafe. If their pet was to make a get away attempt or hunt down the tasty smells at the barbeque down the street, the person who finds the pet can read their tag and access that pet’s online profile. From there they can either directly contact the pet owner, or call our hotline where a live person always answers the phone regardless of day or time and will contact the pet owner on their behalf. This service is free to our partners as a well meaning peer to peer approach of getting lost pets home, to save valuable time for your local animal control officers and reduce shelter stays.

Interested in learning more?

If you’re interested in learning more about how a partnership with DocuPet helps save you money, or if you would like to learn more about any of our full-service offerings, click the button below to request a demonstration and discovery session with our team.