Safe & Happy homes for all pets

Workers and volunteers at shelters work tirelessly to care for and rehome millions of pets each year.

Workers and Volunteers

They are the primary caregivers for the most desperate animals in our communities. Unfortunately, they struggle to raise the necessary funds to support their work.

Oftentimes these shelters are allocating their time and resources to lost pets who actually have loving homes, but are temporarily displaced. Space is limited and resources are tight.

We wanted to help

So we’re offering better ID tags – linked to comprehensive profiles and equipped with our free HomeSafe™ lost pet service. All with the end goal of supporting shelters from a financial and logistical perspective.

But why stop there? 20% of each and every purchase will always be donated to these local charities. Providing additional funding for the animals in need and the dedicated staff that serves them.


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Additionally, we offer pet owners a simple, built-in option to make a donation while they are checking out, or simply visiting their account.

If you represent a shelter or humane society and are interested in learning more about DocuPet tags in your community, get in touch with us. We’re always looking for new ways to get more pets wearing our special tags so we can continue to work towards our mission of helping all pets have a safe and happy home.

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We’ve raised funds for over 20 animal shelters across North America

We ❤️ raising
money for shelters

Are you a part of a great shelter in your community? Contact us to learn how to become an official Safe & Happy Partner

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